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Boat Transport

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Helpful information

Arrangement and preparation for transport and cranage

Payment by bank transfer is required 2 day prior to transportation.
We offer a complete service including tranport and cranage at both ends, however if you wish to arrange crange you can pay them directly.
Most boats can be moved anytime. Boats over 15 metres long / 2.7 metres wide will require a police permit, so please allow an additional 3 days.
Your craft is fully insured on our transport (up to £250,000), you can always notify your own insurance company, who have cover as well , if needed.

Additional information

Please remember that some lanes are very narrow. Overhanging trees and bushes can present an issue. Whilst some marks rub off, we cannot accept liability for them.
Boat keys should be either stored in a safe place on board, or make prior arrangements with yard or new customer.

Tips for safe transportation

Isolate Batteries
Pole and planks etc store inside
Cratch covers / stern covers remove and store inside
Close all windows and hatches
Check draws and cupboards and if needed, tie them up
Store loose items on the beds and cover with a duvet cover or similar
It is preferable the boats fuel tank isn't completely full, to avoid spillages on route
If solar panels are not secure, please remove.
If you have a folding wheel house, please dismantle or remove if in poor condition, check if there is any loose glazing
Remove side fenders and ropes etc and stow away
Remove flower boxes and anything loose stowed on the roof, ensure roof storage boxes are properly secured